4 Reasons You Struggle To Make Decisions

It’s never easy to make decisions, particularly when they might have a big effect on you and those that depend on you.

Decision making is a very common hurdle; it’s nothing new to lose sleep over a big decision that lays ahead. But have you ever thought about why it’s so hard to choose between A and B? Or why you struggle to take action when it comes to important choices or commitments?

Well, there are 4 key reasons human beings find it so hard to decide.

Why You Struggle:

1. Overthinking

Yes, thinking is important, but when it comes to decision making and weighing up your options, overthinking can cause you to freeze up. Overthinking to the point of creating every kind of ‘worst case scenario’ can make every option appear unsound. Spending too much time thinking is also the perfect procrastination and putting off a decision for too long could be detrimental to the outcome.

2. It hits too close to home

If your decision will affect you and your family, it becomes hard to look at it objectively. The more important a decision is to you personally, the more crucial it will be to make the “right” decision. But it’s necessary to maintain some detachment from your decision making so you can look at your options with a clear and level head.

Struggle to make decisions

3. Thinking by trial and error

Human brains have always been innovative, but a lot of it comes down to the trial and error method of our thought-processes. Most of us solve problems with experimentation rather than logic, and this can get in the way of making a good decision. Cut down on the time wasted by trialling each option and try to look at your decision logically before jumping in.

4. It’s all in your head

No, we’re not talking about paranoia, but instead the limited capacity of the brain. Studies have shown that on average people can hold and compare 7 things in their mind at any one time. Some people can hold more, up to about 10 pieces of information, but the majority of people will only reach 7. If your decision is made up of several options, with even more sub-categories to each option, you’ll soon struggle to recall all the information. That’s why it’s so important to write everything down; make a spreadsheet or make a detailed plan, rather than trying to juggle it all in your head.

As difficult as it is, making decisions is one of the most powerful ways to get ahead in life, particularly in your finances. If you find you’ve been treading water for a while, whether about your debt, your investment portfolio, your future, or your plans for retirement, it might be time to bite the bullet. One of the best ways to help the decision making process is getting some good advice. You might find it’s the push you needed.

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