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The Signs of a Good Investment Property

5 May 2016


LifeStages is not a complex philosophy/ idea/ company. We believe in doing things as simply as possible, without taking any short cuts.

Team Lifestages

Sam Patterson

Any who know me will tell you; I’m not backwards about coming forwards - But I’m honest.

I’m also not a very good salesman; I call a spade a spade, I swear too much (trying to cut down) and I don’t generally care what people think about me.

But I do care about doing what’s right, and I’ve seen our industry mired in poor advice offering no real value to clients since I began in 2008.

I also care about family. Being 35 years old and expecting my first child soon, I understand what it means to lay awake at night, wondering what kind of future and legacy I’ll build for them.

If I’m thinking this then most likely you are too, which means we have something in common, to say the least.

I want to work closely with you to help take the stress out of your finances. I want you to feel confident you’re working towards your desired lifestyle; with someone you trust to be there when life throws you curve balls - which it will.

Craig Nevill

The most satisfying part of being in the finance industry is being in a position to help people achieve their dreams & to achieve them as quickly as they can.

After spending almost 20 years in the finance industry I like to use what I have learnt to ensure that the finance product chosen for you allows you to complete not just the current purchase or refinance, but sets you up for your future financial transactions too.

There will always be lenders out there who are offering some great headline rates, and while this can be important, it is not the only part of a loan that you need to consider. There are many other vital factors that I, along with the team at LifeStages, are here to help you with.

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